normanee said: Tell me everything! I went off on FB recently too, freaking jerks being assess about Native Americans disliking red skins as a team name :/

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normanee said: I hope he passes your test!

Ah, I don’t think he could fail my best friend in [place i live now] test unless he suddenly did something unbelievably racist/sexist/bigoted/whatever. Or unless my actual best friend is in town. 
As for soulmates, I didn’t like robocop. And I think that was a hurdle for us. But I am willing to pretend that I like it at least a little bit, which I think is even a harder thing to do. 

normanee said: What was it?

Oh it was Alexisonfire’s Crisis. 
I also lent him one of my Libertines albums but I will not be that torn up if it’s not his thing.

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normanee said: Sounds so fun bb!


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Replies to that post about that skeevy patient

normanee said: That is pretty awful, esp if it happens, but it doesn’t mean you should be happy about it!

shaydaly said: Eeep that sounds horrible. I hope your ok :’(

littleclaypot said: Uuuuugggghhhhh! I’m so sorry! And so ANGRY! >:(

roman-sunshine said: OMFG what a fucking butthole! hope you’re doing okay xoxo

adragonatemyart said: Too bad you can’t just dope the problem patients back into unconsciousness for the duration…And I guess it’s not really the kind of thing you can report to anyone either is it? No one should have to put up with that gross behavior. Ugh.

I am okay. Thank you all for being concerned about me. I’m really just angry. I said to my work-wife that I know its something that I can handle easily, but that I am angry that we should have to and that it is so normalized. 

And Jen, as for doping them. Should I become a more qualified paramedic in the future, and I think more and more that I might, I will be able to sedate them ~ only if I write them up as more aggressive/untreatable/dangerous than they are most of the time. 

I could try to report it but I wouldn’t get anywhere unfortunately. And there are some females in the job who might see it as a weakness too which is messed up but I’m still new. 

normanee replied to your post: Omg cutie Bram! I bet he was so flirting! Was he cute? :D
Well… I suppose he was umm, well he was a human, that’s for sure. Pretty symmetrical without being excessively symmetrical. With an inoffensive smell. Regulation hair styling. Also was wearing a uniform. And carried a tazer. I don’t know, what do you think?

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normanee said: There is so much other internet, I really doubt anyone would ever find it hun. <3

But Normanee, what if they did?!? D’:
It would be such a violation of privacy though. I mean, I know I put it on the internet, but for someone who knew me to read my blog without my permission would feel like a kick in the teeth. 

minorearth said: My Dinosaur Life is the ACTUAL best. \o/

I’ll make sure to put that one in the car next. I love MCS but I’ve not heard anything off of that album yet. Can’t wait. Jeez I love finding out what music you guys listen to, especially when I so heartily approve! ^-^

normanee said: Send me a photo!!!

Aha, Normanee… I’ve officially been awake for 2 hours so after I sleep this off, okay. I still need to shower. Urgh.

and-i-cant-resurrect-you said: Motion city soundtrack!!!! They are one of Maes fave bandssssss I’ll let her know so she can squee in delight ^^

AHHH!!! See I knew I loved Mae. What great taste she has. YES I LOVE MCS. I think my all time favourite song of theirs is ‘The Future Freaks Me Out.’ It speaks to me on a profound level. 

shaydaly said: Nothing better then a pair of new glasses. New glasses mean I’m blinder though. Hope you’re not blinder!

I am indeed blinder. But only a little. I needed to get better ones cause I’ve been a bit worried about my code 1 night driving. They are really nice though Shay, I’m v happy with them. The sunglasses make me look like Audrey Hepburn a little bit. 

zeph0r said: Morphiiiiine! I have the same cd :3

Omg and Zeph, I brought that CD into work last night and we just didn’t want to leave the truck all night because we were so chill. Smoothest ambulance in the country, felt so good. 

normanee said: Barefoot bowling?

A game of lawn bowls played without shoes and while intoxicated.