minorearth said: My Dinosaur Life is the ACTUAL best. \o/

I’ll make sure to put that one in the car next. I love MCS but I’ve not heard anything off of that album yet. Can’t wait. Jeez I love finding out what music you guys listen to, especially when I so heartily approve! ^-^

normanee said: Send me a photo!!!

Aha, Normanee… I’ve officially been awake for 2 hours so after I sleep this off, okay. I still need to shower. Urgh.

and-i-cant-resurrect-you said: Motion city soundtrack!!!! They are one of Maes fave bandssssss I’ll let her know so she can squee in delight ^^

AHHH!!! See I knew I loved Mae. What great taste she has. YES I LOVE MCS. I think my all time favourite song of theirs is ‘The Future Freaks Me Out.’ It speaks to me on a profound level. 

shaydaly said: Nothing better then a pair of new glasses. New glasses mean I’m blinder though. Hope you’re not blinder!

I am indeed blinder. But only a little. I needed to get better ones cause I’ve been a bit worried about my code 1 night driving. They are really nice though Shay, I’m v happy with them. The sunglasses make me look like Audrey Hepburn a little bit. 

zeph0r said: Morphiiiiine! I have the same cd :3

Omg and Zeph, I brought that CD into work last night and we just didn’t want to leave the truck all night because we were so chill. Smoothest ambulance in the country, felt so good. 

normanee said: Barefoot bowling?

A game of lawn bowls played without shoes and while intoxicated. 

normanee said: Lol, can I have him next? I need a trainer like that!

Wouldst that I could keep him and then share his wisdom with others. Alas, he is taking holidays next week because school holidays :’(
I think its our last shift together tomorrow night, presuming his kid is well and he comes to shift ;o;

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normanee said: Why are you on bc? Perhaps another kind would work better? Stay strong!

In order to control unwanted births.
Perhaps I should. I don’t know. I think I was happier off it altogether. But I always have ‘PLACEBO EFFECT’ in the forefront of my mind. Everyone has off days. I know there is something off with me right now, I think it might be related to ions, but it correlates to being on birth control. Must perform more tests. 
Apart from mood related things, I have been getting the worst muscle spasms. And I mean, these things wake me up at night and they are 10/10 pain in my legs, and I have to just lie there gasping and crying until it eases up, and then the affected leg is sore for half the day afterwards. They’ve never been this frequent though. I’m not worried, cause I know its not DVT ^o^
Its just not something I want to have to anticipate all the time.

I don’f feel particularly like I need to be stronger right now though. I don’t feel weak. I just feel a heightened sense of awkwardness and shame in situations that I’ve generally been fine with of late. 

and-i-cant-resurrect-you said: Don’t be soo mean lucy. You should be nice <3 and make yourself cookies and milk and a pat on the head. And a crown. We could be princesses together!!! BbyZee xox

Sorry Bbz. No one should be mean to themselves. You’re absolutely right.
Tell you what, I’ll make sure there are millions of cookies and milk at my house for when you guys come to visit, okay?
Being princesses is a great idea! I will make us both some crowns : )

normanee said: Baking is the best! I made marshmallow filled banana cupcakes for a potluck tonight!

I’m not banana’s biggest fan when it is wearing strange clothes but MARSHMALLOWS ARE GREAT!! I can imagine that they would be scrumptious entirely because you made them though. 

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normanee said: Was it fun? I love volunteering! :D 

It was a bit scary. I was scene commander initially because we were the first crew on scene. So I was in charge of deciding what resources we needed (though I knew who was available to come anyway and the fireys and po po were already there), and letting everyone know what the incident was, access/egress, number of casualties, hazards, etc. 
The thing is, the incident was supposed to be a plane crash, but they had a minibus cause it was a simulation, but all I knew when we got there was that the incident was AT the airport. So I reported it as a mini bus crash D:
I mean, the point of a windscreen sitrep is to report what you see before you even get out of the car, so I guess I did okay in that respect. It was indeed a mini bus, after all. 

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normanee said: I’m dying my hair today! It has always been mousy brown :( I’m hoping deep brown makes my eyes pop :D

Yes but your hair suits you. The problem is that because I’ve always been blonde, that is how I am used to looking. And then with it a different colour it doesn’t feel me. But oooh deep brown! Nice!
Pics! :D :D

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normanee said: Eee so much more Bram to enjoy!

Normanee, I think you are a dear <3

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gazztron said: Are you at that place in Gympie?

Yes I am. It’s pretty nice, tbh. I am just so excited to be somewhere exciting and new though. I think its great. In reality its pretty scummy. There is air con though ^O^
If you are in the neighbourhood you should drop in. I will give you my room number ;D
We’ve been playing some hardcore Jenga.

normanee said: Me too!

Wait, you too what? I don’t understand? 

normanee said: What’s a slash contraceptive?

Ahaha, Normanee. No, I typed out “slash” instead of typing “/”
I don’t know why ^-^

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