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Mandatory meeting with a psychiatrist for my work that all the new people have to do. I had to do a workbook and keep a journal. 

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@normanee said: I don’t think it means you will die young Bram. I just think you feel very strongly.

No, Normanee. I am almost convinced that I will die young. Not because of the feelings. Just in general. It might be in 20 years, but I feel like it’ll be one of those things where they say “she was too young to die”. If they say at all. 

@garret-spork said: Oh, Hon. It’s okay. We all love you too. We’d all be hugging you so tight if we could be there.

Ah, you are the best, Garret-spork. I didn’t really need a hug, but I will always accept hugs freely offered. Between you and me, it is also my shark week and that is why I cry rather than just shrug. I am not sad to die though. 

normanee said: Tell me everything! I went off on FB recently too, freaking jerks being assess about Native Americans disliking red skins as a team name :/

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normanee said: I hope he passes your test!

Ah, I don’t think he could fail my best friend in [place i live now] test unless he suddenly did something unbelievably racist/sexist/bigoted/whatever. Or unless my actual best friend is in town. 
As for soulmates, I didn’t like robocop. And I think that was a hurdle for us. But I am willing to pretend that I like it at least a little bit, which I think is even a harder thing to do. 

normanee said: What was it?

Oh it was Alexisonfire’s Crisis. 
I also lent him one of my Libertines albums but I will not be that torn up if it’s not his thing.

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normanee said: Sounds so fun bb!


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Replies to that post about that skeevy patient

normanee said: That is pretty awful, esp if it happens, but it doesn’t mean you should be happy about it!

shaydaly said: Eeep that sounds horrible. I hope your ok :’(

littleclaypot said: Uuuuugggghhhhh! I’m so sorry! And so ANGRY! >:(

roman-sunshine said: OMFG what a fucking butthole! hope you’re doing okay xoxo

adragonatemyart said: Too bad you can’t just dope the problem patients back into unconsciousness for the duration…And I guess it’s not really the kind of thing you can report to anyone either is it? No one should have to put up with that gross behavior. Ugh.

I am okay. Thank you all for being concerned about me. I’m really just angry. I said to my work-wife that I know its something that I can handle easily, but that I am angry that we should have to and that it is so normalized. 

And Jen, as for doping them. Should I become a more qualified paramedic in the future, and I think more and more that I might, I will be able to sedate them ~ only if I write them up as more aggressive/untreatable/dangerous than they are most of the time. 

I could try to report it but I wouldn’t get anywhere unfortunately. And there are some females in the job who might see it as a weakness too which is messed up but I’m still new. 

normanee replied to your post: Omg cutie Bram! I bet he was so flirting! Was he cute? :D
Well… I suppose he was umm, well he was a human, that’s for sure. Pretty symmetrical without being excessively symmetrical. With an inoffensive smell. Regulation hair styling. Also was wearing a uniform. And carried a tazer. I don’t know, what do you think?

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normanee said: There is so much other internet, I really doubt anyone would ever find it hun. <3

But Normanee, what if they did?!? D’:
It would be such a violation of privacy though. I mean, I know I put it on the internet, but for someone who knew me to read my blog without my permission would feel like a kick in the teeth.