Artist selling his Talents


Alright, I have a friend. His hours have been cut from work, and he needs a little extra money. He’s a brilliant artist, and he’s willing to draw for you. All he asks is nothing TOO disturbing. This can include smut, he’s pretty good at drawing that. SO, I’m selling his artistery!

He’s given me a very general list to give you people-everything, he said. So I’m just going to list what he’s familiar with, and if it’s not on the list, ask.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog and Co
  • Mass Effect
  • Dragon Age
  • Numerous Anime and Manga 
  • Marvel or DC characters
  • Final Fantasy
  • Whatever your mind can come up  with, basically, if you give him enough directions.

Personally, I’m going to be paying for some cute stony and thorki. 

Message me for details, my dude friend would appreciate the help.


Right behind you.
{Happy Shakarian Sunday!}

It’s the little things that make Shepard and Garrus such a great team, things that the others don’t even notice. Sometimes it’s a touch, just a feather-light brush of fingers or talons against an arm or a shoulder, meant to soothe and calm, or a firm grasp meant to steady, to keep the other person from falling.

Sometimes it’s a look, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s hopeful or determined, the look itself is not important, it’s the person behind it, realising that their loved one needs some kind of reassurance.

And sometimes it’s words, either shouted amidst battle or whispered somewhere between waking and sleeping, unintelligible at times, but still a tiny little piece in what makes them Shepard and Vakarian, and just as important as the bigger gestures.

So when the others hear Garrus say Right behind you, Shepard, they don’t know how much lies behind those four little words because they don’t see what Shepard can see when she looks into his eyes. They are missing some of the little pieces, but she has collected them all and carries them with her wherever she goes. 

It’s PERFECT!! I told you you don’t need me!

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