I need a hug

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defira85 said: I can come over and assist with the brownie situation

Okay its a date. And to SWEETEN the pot, tomorrow I am making jaffa cheesecake okay so ill put the rest of this peanut butter brownie in the… trashcan… for you to eat later and then by the time you get here the jaffa cheesecake will be done. Oh I better make two because I don’t want anyone to go hungry. 

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defira85 said: You know I love you bb

I know. I love you too ;_;
You are my friend and my guide and you can also be one of my soulmates, if you want to be.

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defira85 said: I saw your how to be a tumblr babe I’m won over

Oh of course. Tumblr girl gets all the babes BD

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defira85 said: This is the most ominous picture I’ve ever seen :0

Usually I do my best to de-ominous before capturing my visage for the interwebs. You are privileged to see into the nature of my being because I am letting my guard down before the great slumber. 

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and-i-cant-resurrect-you said:Vewy pwetty Lucy <3 =^.^= meow have a kitty for good work!

Thank you! I will cherish the kitty <3 ^-^

shallow-between-stars said:Something complementary like a navy blue.

defira85 said: Maybe a deep purple?

Okay I will try dark blue or purple. Thanks for your inputs! : )

wardenblues said: people’s objections to ‘ladyboner’ have been brought up in other posts so contrary to anon’s belief, it’s not just a one time thing

Oh here we go. It was not just non. Other people find that to be an offensive word, and that definitely amounts to a trend that says that that word is offensive to more than one person! Ignoring completely for a second that a person’s rights are made no less important if they are the only one who stands up for those rights 
Thanks Tanya. 

Also thanks Kirsty and Wendy for your support and kind words. 

They used slurs, and they complained that other people’s comfort and personal safety was less important than their ability to use offensive words. And they threatened to remove their support- ugh I’m sorry, you’re so patient and supportive and I’m not

Oh see, you are much cleverer than me. I was not very comfortable with a lot of the words they used or the way they phrased things, but I couldn’t think of a way to state exactly why! That is exactly why! There look you are in my brain. 
Thanks Defira! You shouldn’t even begin to think you are not the most supportive because you are!

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defira85 said: Oh my god nonny get out you gross human being

Oh but Defira, if they stay to listen then they might learn some things (hopefully only good things), so I think I shall keep them and hope that they respect me and my followers enough to take a step back and see that the slippery slope argument thing is a logical fallacy. 

defira85 said: Um yes I have a mighty need for anything with more Justice in it

I wish that I lived in a world where I could just be a fanfiction/fanart mule for you and just supply you with endless streams of Justice fiction and also all those other dudes and ladies that you love. But mostly Justice because I really love Justice, and I love trying to understand him.
Also, I blame you entirely for that. 

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