One of the things I love so much about Donnic’s role in DA2 is that throughout the game, he plays the parts traditionally occupied by a woman.

Here in Act 1, he is the vulnerable damsel in distress: he’s in over his head, overpowered by forces he doesn’t understand, and he’s saved at the nick of time by our fearless hero, completely wowed — dumbstruck even — by her strength and skill and prowess. He thinks she’s beautiful, not because she’s in a pretty dress or laughing coquettishly but because she just saved his ass from a fuckton of gangsters. (As a side note, the OP must have turned off persistent gore, because at this point, my Aveline is usually covered head to toe in blood — which only supports what I’m saying.) 

In Act 2, Donnic is the prize to be won, the trophy to be fought for. Winning his love is the cause for which Aveline bends over backwards and makes a complete ass out of herself. We’re not given a reason as to why Aveline would go to so much trouble on Donnic’s behalf, but this is only curious because Aveline is a woman; for there are plenty of male heroes in literature, from Shakespeare to Bronte, for whom we’re given no reason, apart from the fact that the hero once looked at his prize and decided, I must woo her. .

In Act 3, Donnic is the supportive spouse. He lends her a hand in her endeavors but does not eclipse her; he is content to stand in the ranks with all the other guardsmen and bask proudly upon the leader that his wife has become. His sphere is the domestic: His interactions with the other characters—Fenris and Isabela—are primarily social, and even when he visits the Rose he does so in order to provide Aveline with a happier home.

I find the way that Aveline and Donnic’s relationship subverts gender stereotypes incredibly empowering for both sexes — not just for women who might find themselves the literal or metaphorical breadwinners of their relationships, but for the men who fall in love with them. In Donnic’s example, you have a man who highly values his ability to support and enable his competent spouse; who is made vulnerable and readily accepts help from others without making a stink over it; who allows himself to be the object of another’s affections (rather than demanding it happen, like so many romantic heroes); who is strong, yes, but who doesn’t have to make more money or have more status or hold more power than his wife, or “be the man”, as it were (god do i hate that term).

I mean, lots of fantasy stories have kickass women, but few represent any men who appreciate them for that. Men like Donnic, who don’t want to dominate or surpass their woman’s kick-assery but instead support and enable it, are so rare in fiction, and it’s just another reason why I think Dragon Age is the best series on earth because: feminism. 



This is why I’m not too upset about Aves not being a love interest; Donnic/Aveline is just so cute and their relationship inverts so many tropes. It’s incredibly refreshing.

Precisely why I’ll likewise never be upset that Aveline isn’t a real LI. (Even if the friend-kiss with Hawke is fucking adorable.) Aveline’s status of strength isn’t challenged or subverted by her relationship with Donnic. And this type of relationship is sadly underrepresented in media, where even if the woman is given an element of power, it’s somehow corrupted, flawed, or semi villainous, which is not at all the case here.

And can I just add that I was ecstatic to see a woman in a marriage in media for once not immediately be turned into this nurturing maternal figure whose sudden sole motivation is having and rearing children? (Not that I’m at all saying wanting them is bad, but it’s seriously underrepresented in the case of women not wanting them.)

Yesssss. I love their marriage in Act 3, it’s portrayed as so normal and natural, which is rare in any media. A romantic relationship that doesn’t involve the protag, with the woman still a powerful force in the game? AWESOME.

Agreed with all of the above. Another thing I love about Aveline and Donnic’s marriage is that it’s her second marriage, but she never disavows her feelings for Wesley. She loved him, she lost him, and she moved on to another happy relationship. So refreshing, as compared to the “first love is always true love” trope that’s so common in most media.

These babies are the best babies.

An OTP that makes me smile.

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Jupiter structural layer cake

Uggghhh!!! Do I tag as space porn or food porn?

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Spoilers for misfits season 2 episode 6

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